Arua v358

New Duel options, Tournament Arena changes, and more.


Patch Notes:

  • Added new Buff rules to Duels:
    •     Players can now pick from a number of different buff rules, including:
      •         No Buff Rules: No restrictions on how or where your buffs come from.
      •         Self Buffs Only: The mechanics of this rule remain the same as it always has.
      •         Arena Buffs (500 INT): The same buffs given in most Arenas. Although the strength of Arena Buffs differs in some Arenas, the most common INT used for them is 500.
      •         Cleric Buffs (700 INT): The same buffs given by Clerics. We have decided to use 700 INT to stop the number having to be continually changed with updates when new items are added.
      •         Advanced Scrolls: The same buffs given when using an Advanced Scroll on your character.
    •     Buffs will now also be removed once a Duel ends, regardless as to how you received them or who gave them to you.
    •     Preview: [MEDIA=imgur]3Ihz7kB[/MEDIA]
  • Fixed a visual bug where players could sometimes appear to keep their buffs after changing their real equipment.
  • Fixed a few map locations where players could get stuck.

Eldeon's Union War:

  •     Applied a fix for a server crash which occured during a Totem switch:
    • The Union War has been re-enabled with this change, and we'll continue to monitor it for any further issues.

Tournament Arena:

  •     A message will now be shown to you when attempting to start your scheduled match if your opponent is offline vending.
  •     Fixed a bug where the total amount of times a player has attempted to start their scheduled match wasn't increased if both players were online.
  •     Fixed a bug where equipment collected in Battle Royale would be visible on your own character inside the Tournament Arena if you joined after playing Battle Royale.

As a heads up: we will also be increasing the distance for Meteorite Flow in the next update, as per a recent suggestion. We have opted not to include it in this update due to the upcoming Class v Class Tournament.

Patch Notes (v359):

  • Edited the new Duel Buff options:
    • Buffs will now be refreshed at the start of each warm up period.
  • Edited certain Muse Magic Tools:
    • Renamed "Lunatic Candy Bar" to "Lunaris Candy Bar".
    • The appearance and names of the "Book of Concentration" and "Book of Charm" have been swapped.
  • Fixed a bug where the default selection for some of the Duel options would be visually incorrect in some circumstances.

Game Arenas:

  •     Added the ability to prevent stats from being increased whilst inside an Arena:
    • This is currently only used for our Tournament Arenas.
  •     Expanded item limitations to also include checks for ammo and PAT items:
    • Note that you can still change ammo whilst inside an Arena.

Tournament Arena:

  •     Added two Practice Arenas:
    • Found at the bottom of the Tournament list, these will allow players to test against the current rules for a scheduled Tournament.
    • To start a Practice Arena, simply join as if you were joining any other Game Arena. If you wish to practice against a specific player, you must both sign up at the same time.
    • As we have Arenas with slightly different rules based on which class you are for the current scheduled Tournament, the following are the differences between the two Arenas:
      • Practice 1: The playable area is set to 40m, which applies to all classes except Knights, Clerics and Mages.
      • Practice 2: The playable area is set to 17.5m and starting positions reduced by approximately 5m, which applies to Knights.
  •     The playable area and/or starting positions for the Arenas scheduled for Knights, Clerics and Mages has been reduced:
    • Knights: Area reduced to 17.5m and starting positions reduced by approximately 5m.
    • Clerics/Mages: Area reduced to 22m. Starting positions remain the same.

We have also disabled Eldeon's Union War as there is another variant of the crash we have previously fixed - we apologise for the inconvenience and we'll get to work on a fix for it.

Patch Notes (v360):

  • Edited killing sprees:
    • These will no longer be awarded to you if the player you kill is 15 levels (or less) below you, similar to our death counter.
  • Edited Dueling:
    • A Duel can no longer be cancelled if it has already been confirmed to start.
  • Edited the Skill Reset:
    • Players with Summon Skins will now recieve the Summon Skin skillbooks back after performing a Skill Reset.
  • Fixed a bug with Angelic Arrows that could sometimes cause damage to appear delayed and the arrows to become stuck in the monster.
  • Fixed issues with the Enchanter Spirit and Sorcerer's Spirit monsters which caused them to continuously cast multiple skills at once.
  • Fixed a bug with Dueling which allowed buffs to stay with the player even if the Duel had ended.
  • Fixed the hitting rate of all Victorious Magic Staffs being lower than intended.
  • Fixed several weapon item descriptions.
  • Fixed Sikuku's Spiked Spear position.

Game Arenas:

  • Dancing has been blocked in the majority of Game Arenas.

Tournament Arena:

  •     Fixed a glitch which could occur if one player left the Practice Arena queue then rejoined.
  •     Fixed a bug where the cooldown of skills would reset before and after warm up.


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