Arua v352

Cave of Ulverick, Eldeon's Union War, Classic updates, and more.


Patch Notes:
  • Added Cave of Ulverick:
    • Recommended level: 180-210. Characters above level 210 are unable to enter.
    • Accessible through the cave entrance to the east of Desert of the Dead.
    • Added Mark of Authority.
    • Added Communication Gemstone.
    • Added Persecutor Mask.
    • Added Vermilion Persecutor Mask.
    • Added Azure Persecutor Mask.
    • Added Blazing Wings.
    • Added Wavering Antares Backshield.
    • Added Earrings of Punishment.
    • Added Spider Shield.
    • Added Blazing Box.
    • Added Iron Box.
    • Added Rusty Box.
    • Added Perpetual Aura Skill Book.
    • Added Hurtle Aura Skill Book.
    • Added Cursed Flame.
    • Added Oppression Flame.
    • Added Blazing Charm.
    • Added several new materials.
  • Added Eldeon's Union War:
  • Added Set button to the Item Mall:
    • Clicking this button will show you items that belong to the same item set.
  • Added new clothing items to the Item Mall.
  • Added Character Slot Coupon to the Item Mall:
    • Available to purchase for 100 AruaPoints, this coupon will increase the character limit on your account by 1. The default limit has been increased to 6 characters.
    • The limit is cross-server, which means any increase you redeem on Arua will also apply on Classic.
    • There is no upper limit on how many additional character slots you can add.
  • Added new items to the Event Point shop.
  • Added a new option, 'Event Notification':
    • Available under the Gameplay options, disabling this will stop the blinking event buttons from showing which are usually only removed after clicking them.
  • A message box will now be shown indicating you have mail to read in the Community window.
  • Edited Arua's Fairy:
    • Similar to Experience Medals, Arua's Fairy will now last across play sessions providing that it hasn't expired.
    • Previously, if you disconnected from the game, the fairy would be lost.
  • Edited the Enthroning jewellery:
    • Increased the Dodge Rate set bonus from 3% to 5%.
  • Edited Copper/Silver/Gold Ores, Herbs and Flowers:
    • Items can now drop as a small stack rather than just one item at a time.
  • Edited the Killed By box to show the killer's job class.
  • Edited small monsters spawned by the Event Team to only reward Event points to players if they perform normal attacks.
  • Edited the Giant Ice Crystal:
    • Increased the drop rate of the Blizzardy Crystal material.
  • Edited the casting animation of the Blink skill to be shorter.
  • Edited the Clan, Instance and Union Point medals:
    • The account bound restriction has been removed from these items.
  • Edited the Heavenly Astarot monster:
    • Wings, excluding Astarot Wings of Purity, now have a chance to drop with item appraisal from this monster.
  • Fixed quest tracking not being supported for Quests that involved inventory items.
  • Fixed the default position of the second Quickbar being incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Moon Pastor Laguz to become permanently untargetable.
  • Fixed incorrect drop models for the Summer Event offhand items.
  • Fixed mining ores at the Goblin Cave having a chance to spawn inside walls.
  • Fixed the appearance and position of the targetmarks next to a targetted player's name.
  • Fixed certain Class Vs Class item rewards not having a coloured name and prefix.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Deity's Realm portal to be visible at all times to the player if they were far away from it.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the game client from starting due to connectivity issues.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the position of a player's name to be incorrect sometimes.
  • Fixed Attack Speed gained from Passive Skills not affecting the player, when the skill was first learnt, until the player had changed their equipment.
  • Fixed the Shadow Wand item dropping from the Gold Mine Goblin Worker monster.
  • Fixed many normal PAT items not having an item description.
  • There will now be a delay of 0.5s before a drop is picked up when using an Auto Pick Up Accessory:
    • There are some conditions whereby drops can become "permanent" on a players screen until they rejoin the area, which is caused by the latency difference between two players (as described by a developer) where at least one is using an accessory.
    • This delay should help compenstate for the latency difference between any players, and will make no difference other than visually seeing the drop for slightly longer on the screen.

  • Added Desert of the Dead:
    • Suitable for players from Level 96, Desert of the Dead is a new high level PvP zone with new items to collect including the Archangel and Archdevil Wings.
    • The map has been suitably balanced for the classic environment, which includes balancing of drops, experience, items, and stats of monsters.
    • Many of the balance changes have been made based on the various feedback and suggestion topics posted by players over the past few months.
  • Fixed the Character Storage Expansion coupon using an incorrect name and description.
  • Fixed the Black Head Warmer event item having stats.

Game Arenas:
  • Fixed a number of buggy areas on the Capture the Fairy map.
  • Improved the AFK logic for Battle Royale, Christmas Hunt and Survival Arena.
  • The base value of the Union Point reward option from Union Wars has been decreased:
    • With the introduction of Eldeon Union War, we needed to adjust the base value to compenstate for more Union Wars happening each day.


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