Arua v998

We've made improvements to our new Clan v Clan Arenas!


Patch Notes:

  • Edited the rewards given from questboards when the player is significantly over the monster level range or questboard level range - which ever is higher.
  • Fixed the icon and name of the Valentine Chests achievement.
  • Removed a few invisible walls around the bridge respawn point in Sikuku Ruins.

Clan Deathmatch:

  •     Reduced the maximum players from 14 to 12 to fit within party limits.
  •     The queue time has been increased from 30s to 120s.
  •     The starting game tickets has been decreased from 150 to 100.

Crystal Defenders:

  •     Arua's Fairy will no longer spawn instantly at the start of the game.

The Colosseum:

  •     [Akram Supplies] Harin has been added to the spawning areas:
    •         This will allow players to buy potions and ammo during the warm up round.
  •     Changed the logic which determines how many players are still alive on each team.
  •     Edited a number of objects around the map so that you no longer get stuck when walking around them.
  •     Players can move around within their spawning area during the warm up round.
  •     Reduced the maximum players from 14 to 12 to fit within party limits.
  •     Removed a number of objects around the map which players could have used to hide.
  •     The queue time has been increased from 30s to 120s.
  •     The warm up round time has been increased from 15s to 30s.

As per the suggestion in this topic and taking onboard the ideas some had which gets around the concerns we had with adding any kind of bet system for the Clan v Clan Arenas, we will be adding a way which will let clans place bets (Zulie only) and also the rules of the Game Arena itself. For Clan Deathmatch, this may mean allowing you to set the number of Tickets which each clan starts with and for The Colosseum the number of rounds you wish to play.

This type of system wasn't added with the release of these Arenas as we had concerns over the lack of honesty some clan members have - something we sadly see too often (e.g. having verbal agreements about who gets a drop, or players gaining a high value drop and running away with it), but as we limit the queue unlock to Commanders or higher, it was seen that there would be a lower chance of this happening as everyone would know who the reward went to.

It will be our aim to have this chance implemented for the next update.


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