Christmas Lucky Star Contest

We're giving away over $1,500 in prizes this Christmas - what are you waiting for?!

This Christmas period, we're giving away prizes worth over $1,500 to players across both of our game servers. Taking part in the contest is super simple: kill a monster! Each time a monster is killed, there will be a random chance for Lucky Stars to spawn in the area.

When you kill a Lucky Star, you will receive confirmation of your entry, and we'll select some random winners to pick up the prizes at the end of the contest period.

The definitive guide as to which monsters you can kill to gain an entry are listed below. For some of these monsters, Lucky Stars will spawn for their normal king form and from their 'secondary' king form, or only one or the other. Each monster listed below will have its own random chance of spawning Lucky Stars after being killed. Across the board, the minimum amount of Lucky Stars that will spawn will be 2 and the maximum 8. The amount is different for each monster.
  • Jelly King
  • Woopie King
  • Aqua King
  • Guardian Tree
  • Grunter King
  • Doongoliath
  • Krawfy King
  • Worm Dragon
  • Grandmaster Golem
  • Grandmaster Goblin
  • Tyrant
  • Dreadnaught King
  • Behemoth King
  • Astarot King
  • Junon's Aqua
  • Junon's Grunter
  • Junon's Tree
  • Junon's Krawfy
  • Junon's Doongoliath
  • Junon's Goblin King
  • Junon's WormDragon
  • Luna's Warship
  • Luna's Mammoth
  • Luna's Dreadnaught
  • Luna's Behemoth
For Lucky Stars to spawn after a monster death, the killer must be within +- 12 levels of the monsters level. For example, the killer must be between Level 1-25 when killing a Jelly King (Level 13) for Lucky Stars to spawn. If you are Level 26 or higher, Lucky Stars will not spawn after it has been killed.

When a Lucky Star spawns, you must also be within +- 12 levels of the monster which spawned them to be rewarded contest entry. For example, when a Grunter King (Level 60) spawns Lucky Stars, you must be between Level 48-72 when killing those Lucky Stars to be rewarded the contest entry.

The Christmas Lucky Star Contest starts on the 1st December and will end after the New Year. Good luck!

Contest Prizes
  • Arua:
    • 1st: $300 + 500 AruaPoints + 30 Event Points
    • 2nd: $200 + 300 AruaPoints + 20 Event Points
    • 3rd: $100 + 175 AruaPoints + 10 Event Points
    • 4th - 10th: 125 AruaPoints
  • Classic:
    • 1st: $300 + 500 AruaPoints
    • 2nd: $200 + 300 AruaPoints
    • 3rd: $100 + 175 AruaPoints
    • 4th - 10th: 125 AruaPoints

    For full contest details, including the contest rules, head to our forum:


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