Arua v995

We've added a new expansion to Luna, the Frozen Cave, added new Game Arenas for mid-level characters, and more!

Patch Notes:
  • Added Frozen Cave to the planet Luna:
    • To gain access to the cave, players must be Level 190+ and complete a quest obtained from [Eucar Judge] Ishtal at the Magic City of the Eucar.
    • Added Enthroning Ice Jewellery set which can be crafted:
      • This set has a small base stat on each piece, but using all three items at the same time will grant additional bonuses.
    • Added Twin Moon magic tools:
      • Blessed Twin Moon
      • Exalted Twin Moon
    • Added Foretelling Shield.
    • Added Twilight Desire armbrace.
    • Added Fairy Masks set:
      • Fairy Mask
      • Blessed Fairy Mask
      • Fairy Queen Mask
    • Added Crescent Light back items:
      • Purifying Crescent Light
      • Tainted Crescent Light
    • Added a new achievement.
    • Added several new materials.
  • Added new items to the Item Mall.
  • Added new Halloween items to the Pumpkin Chest.
  • Edited the Boost Up Event:
    • Due to the on-going success of the event (we're nearing 100,000 Boost Up usages since it was first released), and the rise of players requesting free Boost Up usages, we are increasing the limit from 1 to 2.
    • This will allow players to follow the common suggestion of using the event to create a Cleric as well as a farming or fighter class, and to solve the problem of players selecting an inappropriate class.
  • Edited the Union Devotion questline:
    • Added a new Enigma puzzle and puzzle interface for the Arumic quest.
    • Added the Tourmaline Gem as a requirement for the Ferrell Guild quest.
    • Devotion Ghosts will no longer spawn from Candle Ghosts.
    • Devotion Ghosts will now only spawn inside the Goblin Cave (B3) and for any level of player if they are on the quest.
    • Edited and improved the text of NPC dialogue and quest descriptions.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the Righteous Crusaders quest to become unable to be finished.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented monsters in the Righteous Crusaders quest from spawning.
    • Fixed a visual bug that caused the Gems to not be removed from the player's client inventory after the Ferrell Guild quest.
    • Fixed a visual bug that showed the player recieving 0 Ferrell Guild Recommendation after the Ferrell Guild quest.
    • Increased the Level and stats of the quest monsters featured in the Righteous Crusaders quest.
    • Removed Union Recommendations from all players' inventory and storage:
      • Players who are currently on the Union Devotion questline will be able to continue it without issues.
    • The Union Recommendations are now placed into the player's quest log instead of their inventory.
    • The sacred Junon prayer text is now an object that the player must find and pick up.
  • Fixed the Instance Point Medal not increasing the player's Instance Points correctly sometimes.
  • Fixed Nets not being removed from the player when they abandon the "Capture the Escaped Bunnies" and "Sicru's Escaped Chickens" quests.
  • Fixed the drop model of the Atonement Shield and Haunting Heart items.
  • Reduced the cooldown of the Focus skill.
  • Reduced the defensive stats of the Jack Lantern Shield.
  • Renamed Clan Point Increase to Clan Point Medal.
  • Renamed Instance Point Increase to Instance Point Medal.
  • Renamed Union Point Increase to Union Point Medal.
  • The 'Stealth' skill can no longer be used whilst in a Duel.

Halloween Event

The Halloween Event will be enabled once we are happy with the stability of the update (usually around 6 hours after release, or more if any problems do appear) after the update is released.

Forgotten Temple (B2)

The upcoming Forgotten Temple (B2) update was temporarily delayed whilst our focus was on completing and releasing the new Frozen Cave. With its release, we can now focus back on polishing the update and aim to fully release it with the next update.

Game Arenas:
  • Added Capture the Fairy (Level 151-170) and Crystal Defenders (Level 151-170):
    • As per suggestions from the community to tie in with upcoming mid-level tier updates, we have added these Arenas to fit the level bracket of characters created speficically for the Temples.
  • Added new Arena Objectives for the Union Wars.
  • Refactor the Arena Objectives:
    • Due to the on-going bugs/issues with the current Arena Objective system, we have decided to rip out the old system and rebuild it from scratch.
    • On the outside, players won't notice much difference as the client UI remains the same, but the logic which powers objectives is now entirely server-sided, as most of the bugs/issues were previously caused by clients become desynced or performing in unexpected ways.
    • Roll Objective:
      • A new addition is that you can now opt to roll an objective. Rolling an objective will give you a new objective for that objective slot.
      • Each time you successfully complete an objective, you will receive 1 roll point.
      • Rolling an objective costs 5 roll points.
      • Roll points are capped to 25 and can be viewed on the small icon shown next to objectives which can be rolled.
      • Some objectives cannot be rolled - for example, Gold and some Weekly objectives.
    • Any objectives on-going from the old system will automatically be removed and refreshed upon you logging in after this update. Unfortunately, the old system is not compatible with the new one.
  • You can now overlap the automated buffs given in the Game Arenas listed below. Be aware that if you decide to overlap one of the automated buffs (i.e. using the Blink skill will override the Dash buff), you will not receive the automated Dash buff again until you next respawn - this is the trade off from using the skill.
    • Capture the Fairy
    • Crystal Defenders
    • Junon's Union War
    • Luna's Union War

Junon's/Luna's Union War:

We have made the final tweaks to the wars, which means they are ready to be enabled. We'll be focusing on getting the content for the Union War Chests complete for the next update (the only thing holding back their full release), at which point their schedules will become live. We are happy to do play tests in the mean time!

  • Added an announcement which is sent to the Arena once a player is killed:
    • This is an addition mainly for staff/spectators so they can see the result for the round.
  • Added the ability to reconnect to a match:
    • If you are disconnected from the server, you will no longer instantly forfeit the match. You will have 2 minutes to reconnect to the Arena.
    • Each time you disconnect, you will forfeit that round - meaning your opponents score increases by 1.
  • Decreased the distance of the spawn points.
  • Increased the Warm Up round time from 30s to 45s.
  • The Warm Up round time will now reset after both players have fully loaded into the Arena, so that players with slower computers aren't put at a disadvantage versus ones with faster computers.
  • Updated the rule set:
    • The following can no longer be used:
      • Consumables:
        • All potions
        • All buff scrolls
      • Skills:
        • Cure/Healing
        • Silence
        • Stealth
  • The playable area has been significantly reduced. Rather than having full use of the Arena map, players will now be restricted to roughly 10m outside of the spawning area.
  • We can now see how many times a player has attempted to sign up to play their scheduled match. This will allow us to see if one player is making no attempt at playing their match, alongside the logs which we already have which allows us to see how many times a player declines their invitation if they are online.
Other changes were also released after the initial release of Arua v994, of which you can read here and here.


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