Halloween Event


Are you ready for some spooktacular fun for this years Halloween? This years Halloween Event takes you back to The Void, complete with a new Mount and other rewards to collect!

[Ferrell Guild Staff] Thierno, who can be found to the south of the City of Junon Polis, will take you to The Void for a small fee. Once you're there, you'll encounter a number of NPCs who each have quests for you to accomplish.

Kelly, a scared girl who lives in The Void, has had her doll stolen by some of the spirit monsters that roam The Void. Can you help return her doll?

Paul, a local ranger, loves adventures and wants to embark you on your own. Can you find the lost treasure map?

Lucky charms are what keep Thierno safe when on The Void. Are you brave enough to try and steal some from the Lucky Ghosts which stalk the island?

Harry, a Ghost found in the Desert of the Dead, informs you of a deadly girl, Samara, who threatens to kill anyone who viewed her secret tape. Speak to Harry to find out more and help protect the innocent.

Think you're brave enough to complete all of this years Halloween questlines? If you are, you may be able to tame yourself a new monster, but which one is it?

Ethan, a Ghost found in the City of Junon Polis, makes a return this year and has come equipped with many Halloween Boxes! For a small fee of 2,000,000z, he'll let you open a box to get one of over one hundred items inside the boxes!

Skip the Zulie requirement! Halloween Boxes are also available in our Item Mall under the Specials category for 10 AruaPoints a piece.

The Halloween Boxes contain all previous rewards and new ones to get your hands on!