AruaROSE v961
Feedback: Notes:Added the refine grade to chatbox item links.Added the suggested level of each quest to the quest boards.Edited the 'Iced' Christmas weapons to use the same attack...
Two-Factor Authentication
Visitors,Since upgrading our website in September, we introduced a new extension to AruaGuard: two-factor authentication. We've noticed that less than 0.001% of accounts which have AruaGuard enabled have yet to enable this extension, and I'd like to...
Game Arena: Battle Royale
Battle Royale has become an extremely popular game mode with the release of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale this past year.We proudly present our take on the Battle Royale game mode, with the same mechanics which make existin...
AruaROSE v960
Feedback: Notes:Added a new Game Arena, Battle Royale:Read More: Topic:
Black Friday: DOUBLE Weekend Madness!
Visitors,This weekend Black Friday weekend, 24th - 27th November, we'll be increasing our game rates by 100%!We're also DOUBLING all AruaPoint purchases made this weekend! Read more about it here: