We've updated our Race Tracks and want you to grab your best pair of shoes, fastest carts and tamed mounts to race with.


The Dolphin Island and Cold Island Race Tracks are open for all players with three racing categories:
  • Foot Race: Get your best pair of shoes and nicest pair of wings!
  • Cart Race: Prime your engines!
  • Mount Race: Tame your beast!
To start a race, simply pass through the Start checkpoint and race to the end! Players who are #1 on each category for each race track will receive 100 AruaPoints at the end of the weekend!

Your fastest time for each category will be shown on the Leaderboards, which you can view by speaking to the NPCs on each Race Track.

We'll be running automated weekly events on our Race Tracks giving unique PAT prizes once we've ironed out any issues you help us find.

Good luck!