Aside from Harvesting & Mining and hacking and slashing your way through monsters, quests are a great alternate way to level up which may also reward you with unique equipment and zulie.

Quest Notifications

Above their heads, NPCs may have icons which indicate the status of a quest.

Quest Available

Quest Available: A quest is available at this NPC. Speak to them to receive the quest.

Quest In-Progress

Quest In-Progress: A quest you have is not yet completed. Once you complete the quest, return to this NPC.

Quest Complete

Quest Complete: You have completed a quest. Speak to this NPC to hand it in.

Quest Tracking

Quest Tracking

Rather than having to keep referring to your Quest window to keep track of quests, you can enable Quest Tracking on any quest.

Quest tracking will show a summary of a quest on the right side of the main game window. It will show what items you have to collect and how many, which NPC you should speak to next or where to go next.

Quest Boards

Ran out of quests to complete? The quest boards may be for you. The Quest Boards provide basic quests ranging from Level 1 right up to the highest level. The rewards for these quests include Experience, Zulie and unique equipment only obtainable from these quests.

Quest Board