Character Stats

The unique stat system of ROSE Online allows players to customise their characters exactly how they want by distributing stat points on different attributes.

You will receive additional stat points as you level up, and [Visitor Guide] Arua's Fairy in Adventurer's Plains will give new characters additional stat points to help them on their way.

Stat Point Distribution

Character Stats

When you have additional stat points to use, you can distribute them from the character window by using the shortcut ALT + A or clicking the Character Info menu option.

To increase a stat attribute, click the arrow button next to the stat. The number shown in yellow is the number of stat points required to increase that attribute by one point.

The total number of stat points availabie for distribution is shown at the bottom of the window.

The maximum a base stat (i.e. Str, Dex, ...) can be is 320. You can increase this further by using an appropriate Birthstone.

Stat Information

Character Stats

Each stat attribute will give benefits for different systems in the game. Hovering over the name of the stat attribute will quickly describe what benefits it has, or refer to the list below.

Strength (STR): Increases Maximum HP, Maximum Weight, Physical Defence (Def) and Weapon Damage.

Dexterity (DEX): Increases Dodge Rate (Dodge), Movement Speed (M-Speed) and Bow Attack Damage.

Intelligence (INT): Increases Maximum MP, Magic Defence (M-Def), Magic Attack Damage, Buff Skills and Stun Success Rate.

Concentration (CON): Increases HP/MP Regeneration Rate, Attack Accuracy (Hit), Gun Attack Damage, Crafting Success Rate.

Charisma (CHA): Increases Quest Reward Bonuses, Appraisal / Refine Rate for Dropped Items, and Cooldown Reduction for Skills.

Sensibility (SEN): Increases Critical Chance, Skill Damage, Crafted Items Quality and Launcher Attack Damage.