When you create your character, you have the option of choosing a Birthstone. Each birthstone gives a unique benefit which you can see in the table below.


Placing the cursor over the birthstone area will tell you what benefit that birthstone has.

You can choose a different birthstone by using the left and right arrows shown on the screen.

The benefits that each birthstone gives only affect your base character stats (a maximum of 320). For example, if you have 300 Dexerity, the Garnet birthstone will increase your Dexerity by 36 giving 336 in total.

Birthstones Bonus

Birthstone Bonus Bonus
Amethyst +9% Strength +9% Dexerity
Black Oynx +9% Concentration +9% Sensibility
Blue Flame +9% Movement Speed
Diamond +7% Attack Power
Emerald +12% Sensibility
Garnet +12% Dexerity
Opal +5% Defence +5% Magic Defence
Pearl +20% Charm
Peridot +10% Attack Speed
Ruby +12% Strength
Sapphire +12% Concentration
Topaz +12% Intelligence

Free Reset

Players can reset their Birthstone either using a one-time free reset or purchasing a Birthstone Reset Coupon from the Item Mall.

To use your one-time free reset, speak to [Character Reset] Jess in the City of Junon Polis (location circled in red). She will guide you through the process of choosing a new birthstone.