Update AruaROSE v918 19 Mar 2015

Patch Notes:

  • Added a notification window which will pop up when a timed item (e.g. a Pet or No Experience Scroll) expires.
  • Added a different color version to Union Armors (Champions tier) to differentiate them from Boosted sets.
  • Edited the 'Tombs of Sorrows' Dungeon to allow players to re-enter the Dungeon after a disconnect.
  • Edited the Oro Clan Field bosses respawn times. Their timing is more constant now and they will respawn after a set period of time.
  • Fixed players spawning inside a platform at Memphis.
  • Fixed a bug where the Client thought it was in Vending mode when the map vending limit had been reached.
  • Fixed a bug where achievement points would be incorrectly calculated.
  • Fixed the appearance of the 'Pop Idol Headgear' on female characters.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the final 'Wall Barrier' in the 'Tombs of Sorrows' to not clear.
Skill Stacking
We've been experimenting with ways to fix the lifelong bug of skill stacking. I feel we're making progress to it being fixed, but some players report on still being able to do it. We'll continue looking down different avenues to get this fully solved.
Upcoming: Arena Chests
Since the release of our Game Arenas, players haven't really had any incentives to actually take part in them. For a long time we've thrown around ideas but never really acted on anything. Since February, we've been working hard on creating a range of new systems and content players can receive for completing Arenas.
We'll be implementing 3 new chest items: Bronze, Silver and Gold Arena Chests. Each will contain unique content and many make use of the new systems we've created. These chests contain a mixture of visual benefits as well as real benefits.
Alongside the new content, we're also adding in points from current systems to give players more incentive to take part: AruaPoints, Clan Points and Instance Points may also pop out of the chests. These will be limited in quantity, so don't expect thousands.
To obtain the chests, we're going down the route of Daily, Weekly and 'longer' quest objectives. To give an example:
  • Daily Quest: Kill 5 enemies in a Game Arena, Complete 3 Game Arenas.
  • Weekly Quest: Win 3 Crystal Defenders, Kill 25 Enemies. 
  • Longer Quests: Win 5 Crystal Defenders, Be the Sole Survivor in a Survival Arena, Kill 300 Enemies.


Each type of quest will reward you with a different tier of Arena Chest (Bronze, Silver and Gold respectively), and we'll continue to add new content into the boxes once they're initially released.

19 Mar
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Update AruaROSE v916
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26 Nov
Update AruaROSE v913
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