Update Market Place 25 Jul 2014

Market Place


Introducing the Market Place - a centralised place where you can quickly search every vending shop in-game. To access the Market Place, you can either:

  • Speak to [Market Place Manager] Duke in the City of Junon Polis, Magic City of the Eucar, Xita Refuge or Heliopolis for a small fee of 25,000z.
  • Purchase Quick Market Place Access scrolls from the Item Mall (25 scrolls for 30 AruaPoints).




The Market Place itself is a very powerful tool. Rather than simply listing all of the thousands of items being sold or bought in-game at once, you can use the filters to find the right item for you:

  • Item Name: Search for the item using it's full name (e.g. 'Gold Ore') or part of it's name (e.g. 'Gold' or 'Ore').
  • Level Range: Search for items within a specific level range (e.g. Level 200 - 205).
  • Item Type: Search for items in specific item categories (e.g. Helmets, Weapons).
  • Item Prefix: Search for rare items with specific prefixes (e.g. Legend, Golden).
  • Class: Search for items only wearable for specific jobs.
  • Sort By: Show the newest or oldest items first, or the highest priced or lowest priced. Defaults to newest items first.
  • Search For: Search the Selling or Buying tabs of shops.


You can use just one filter or a mixture of all seven filters. For example, I might want to find some 'Gold Ores', so I could enter 'Gold' into the Item Name:




As you see, this brings up a few different Gold-related items. I'm only interested in Gold Ores, so I could enter it's full name instead:




I may also want to find suitable Armor's for the Level 120-150 range. I could do this by setting the Level Range and Item Type filters:




I may also only want to find Level 200 - 228 items for the Raider class:




(Obviously, all higher level armor isn't tied too a specific second job, but it'll let you search this for clarity and future use)


I may also want to find myself some cheap Garnet [7]s, which I can do by selecting the sorting by Price (Asc):





I might have a Grand Winchester that I want to sell. To see if anyone has one on their Buying list, I would enter Winchester as the Item Name, select Grand for the Item Prefix and select Buying in the Search For filters:




Once you've found that item you want to Buy, or found a seller you want to sell your item to, you can click on the item in the list to find their location and confirmation of the price. It'll also show whether they're online or offline with the option to Whisper or Mail them accordingly:




The 'Add Map Marker' will do two things:

  1. A Zulie icon will appear on the map indicating where they are.
  2. An effect will be shown on their shop to make finding it even easier.






Once you open their shop, the map icon and shop effect will be removed.


As you can see, this is a very powerful tool that lets you quickly search every vending shop in-game.

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