Update AruaROSE v913 26 Nov 2014

Patch Notes:

  • Added Interactive Quest Items:
    • For some quests, you may now have to interact with the quest item to complete an objective.
    • For example: Part of the Episode Quest requires you to walk over a small area in order to sprinkle the 'Soil of Purification'. You must now click the Quest Item to sprinkle it.
    • Read below for further changes.
  • Added saving for Vending lists:
    • Your Vending lists (Selling/Buying) will now be saved when you log out if you are currently vending.
    • If you were Vending when you last logged out or disconnected, the Vending window will be pre-populated with all of the items you were Selling and Buying as they originally were set as (Items, Quantities, Prices).
    • This means that you simply have to click Start once you log back in to continue Vending.
  • Added Offline Vending logs:
    • When you Sell or Buy an item whilst in Offline Vending mode, you will now receive a full log of what you Sold or Bought when you next log into that character.
  • Added 'Quest Level' for Quests in the Quest Window:
    • The level of a quest is determined approximately by the level of the monsters involved in the Quest.
  • Added an automated check which ensures you are never within the 10m radius of any NPC whilst your Vending shop is opened:
    • If you are, your Vending shop will automatically close.
    • From this point forward, please do not make a ticket in regards to another player being within the 10m radius.
  • Added a new Events dialog:
    • Click the new Events menu option or speak to [Event Info] Felice Fete to open the Events dialog.
    • You can view any Current and Future events.
    • You can view any Event Points you have with the option to buy Event Bags (also Legacy Event Bags and PAT Event Bags) directly from the dialog.
    • You can also view the current Season Leaderboards.
  • Added support for a new kind of 'Monster Summon' that doesn't count towards the summon gauge but players can only summon one at a time.
  • Added a tutorial popup for 'interactive Quest items' during the 'Healing Hands' Quest.
  • Added a minimap marker during the 'Resurrection' and 'The Scheme' Quests if the player attempts to use the Quest items in the wrong location.
  • Added 'Butterfly Wing Box' to the Item Mall, under the 'Specials' category:
  • Edited the Oro Instance:
    • The lockout period is now set after the Instance has ended, not as it starts.
    • The Sign Up process mechanics have changed slightly to hopefully perform better.
    • If you don't meet the requirements for the Instance you're queueing up for, a message will be shown in the system area.
  • Edited the Buying list for Vending shops:
    • Items which are on your Buying list but are not currently active will be shown in grey.
    • The current item you have selected in the Buying list will be shown in yellow.
  • Edited the Character Selection:
    • You can now use the Up and Down arrow keys to quickly change the selected character.
    • The 'Exit' button has been changed to 'Log Out'. This will return you back to the Login screen instead of closing the game.
  • Edited the Game Arena Rank Icons:
    • Only one will now be shown directly above your Characters name (or above the name of your Clan if you're currently in one).
  • Edited the 'Set Price & Quantity' window:
    • Added a title to the window to indicate whether you are adding the item to your Selling or Buying list.
    • Added a warning notification if attempting to add an item with no price and/or quantity set. The window will also no longer close in this case.
    • Fixed the size of the number input boxes, making it easier to click between them.
    • You will no longer be able to set the Price and Quantity of 'Account Bound' items.
    • The Confirm button will be blocked if the price of the item is over 5 billion Zulie.
  • Edited all cases of the word 'Bagpack' in item descriptions and conversation text to 'Backpack'.
  • Renamed 'Martian Art Head Band' hat to 'Martial Arts Head Band'.
  • Renamed 'Bagpack Mastery' skill and skill-book to 'Backpack Mastery'.
  • Renamed all 'Bag of...' items to 'Box of...'.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players being rewarded Zulie after completing multiple quests.
  • Fixed a bug where the Crusader Battlegrounds didn't correctly reset after a server crash.
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect message was shown if the number of players in a party didn't match whilst queuing for the Crusader Battlegrounds.
  • Fixed two server crashes relating to the Crusader Battlegrounds.
  • Fixed a bug where the seasonal event notifications may be shown as you move maps if you didn't clear the previous notification(s).
  • Fixed a crash caused by missing Monster data whilst inside the Akram Tower.
  • Fixed a bug where a death message would be seen if the person who killed you was yourself.
  • Fixed a bug where the game client incorrectly stated the radius around NPCs for Vending shops was 10m instead of 15m.
  • Fixed a bug where your character would sometimes continue running after opening a dialog with an NPC causing NPCs and Players to disappear around you:
    • This isn't something we can replicate easily, but this may fix the issue.
  • Fixed a bug where items which had no drop model instantly disappeared:
    • They will now default to a chest model, allowing you to pick them up.
  • Fixed a rare game client crash when starting the game client as it was loading the game data.
  • Fixed a bug where your character would move when clicking a link in the Chat area.
  • Fixed a few typos with Quest names.
  • Fixed the [very] old Vending scam method. An example of this:
    • A seller would sell an item for 1,000 Zulie.
    • The same seller would also buy the item for 1,500 Zulie.
    • Players would be tricked into buying the item from the seller, thinking they could immediately sell it back to them.
    • Players weren't able to sell the item back to them as the seller had a full Inventory - hence they were 'scammed'.
  • Fixed a bug where selling an item to a Vending shop didn't show the Zulie - Tax price.
Interactive Quest Items
For some quests, you must now interact (click) on a Quest Item to complete an objective. We've edited some of the quests in-game to support this feature:
  • 'Healing Hands':
    • Players must now interact with the 'Soil of Purification' quest item to sprinkle it around the mushrooms.
  • 'Resurrection':
    • Players must now interact with the 'Resurrection Medicine' quest item to sprinkle it at the pyramid.
  • 'The Scheme':
    • Players must now interact with the 'Odorous Sweat' quest item to sprinkle it at the pyramid.
  • 'The Owl Eye':
    • Players must now interact with the 'Owl Eye' quest item to place it near Shroon.
If a Quest Item can be interacted with, an icon will be displayed next to the Quest Objectives list on the side of the game client.
Oro Instance Changes
A few weeks ago, we changed the way Bast sign-ups work. While the method itself works great, it was having a performance impact on the server. These performance tweaks were added to the live servers late last week and have been working great since. Hopefully there's no more issues.
One to all of this is that the performance decrease helped us identify a number of other server crashes which were rare but did happen. These have all been fixed now.
Events Dialog
To allow players to better interact with events - and to make sure they're aware whether there are current or planned events - we've now integrated an events system directly into the game.
The Events dialog covers both big seasonal events and events ran by the Events Team. They will be shown slightly different in the 'Current Events' list to help differentiate them.
Those who take part in events ran by our Events Team will know that you're rewarded Event Points which could be exchanged for Event Bags, placed on a Leaderboard and entered into a raffle at the end of the season. You can now view all of this directly in-game and purchase your own Event Bags.
The Event Bag was recently (in the previous update) refreshed and we've created a new 'Legacy Event Bag' and 'PAT Event Bag'.
Sneak peak of our new Events dialog is below:
Client Performance
This has always been an area we needed to look at. I spent around two weeks looking at the performance of the game client in all areas and I've managed to decrease the process time of the game client by around 30-40%. The game client should feel a little smoother, particularly in busy areas.

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