Patch Notes:

  • Added interactive tooltip for items you pick up (or your party picks up), or are rewarded to you.
  • Added a visual effect to Unique items when they drop.
  • Added "[Empty Socket]" to the tooltip of items that have an empty gem socket.
  • Added an option to disable being able to click on Armory links in chat (Option > Other).
  • Added new spawn and respawn options to the Forgotten Temple (B2).
  • Edited the Boost Up Event so that it now gives 5x Canyon City of Zant and City of Junon Polis teleport scrolls.
  • Edited Bonfires:
    • Bonfires have been changed so that they can no longer be clickable.
    • We've made this change as players continue to use them to interrupt normal PvP.
    • This means that you can no longer cast Heal or Cure on your Bonfire, but AOE Heals will still work.
  • Edited Item Sets so that they can support both set value and percentage bonuses.
  • Edited Stat Hammers so they no longer have the possibility of giving the same stat an item currently has.
  • Edited the chat area so that the cursor changes when hovering over interactive text (e.g. URLs, Items, ...).
  • Edited Skills in the Skill window to always display their description without having to right click the Skill.
  • Edited the Forgotten Temple (B2):
    • You will now be kicked out of the Temple if you kill another player or monster and are above Level 170 or your quest has expired.
    • Entering the Temple (B2) will now spawn you within a radius, instead of on a precise spot.
    • You are no longer given "Resurrection Spellbooks" when entering Temple (B2), as they were not used.
  • Edited and improved 36 Jewelry item icons:
    • We will be continuing to work on improving Jewelry and other item icons.
  • Edited the appearance and position of "[Mountain Moldie] Wilson" at Anima Lake:
    • Wilson also now provides information about the Desert of the Dead.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented "Mighty Hook", "Frozen Archangel" and "Frozen Archdevil" wings from being crafted.
  • Fixed a desynchronization bug where a monster could appear to be idle when they were attacking.
  • Fixed a bug where the Duel system sometimes incorrectly calculated the wrong winner.
  • Fixed a bug where vending messages showed [Item Appraisal Required] incorrectly for some items.
  • Fixed a bug where the World Shout scroll would be consumed if an error occured.
  • Fixed a MP desynchronization bug that was caused by using the "Poison Shot" dealer Skill.
  • Fixed a bug with certain Questboard quests that would break other quests if the quest was active.
  • Fixed a client crash that may sometimes occur when targetting another object.
  • Fixed a client crash that may sometimes occur when exiting the game client.
  • Fixed a bug where the tooltip of interactive text could be seen through over dialogs.
  • Fixed duplicate messages being displayed when rewarded items from certain quests.
  • Fixed an animation glitch caused by opening the Item Mall whilst performing a Skill.
  • Fixed bugged object models and lighting in "Pyramid Tombs (B1)".
  • Fixed a visual effect glitch caused by performing certain Skills on "Lunar Souls".
  • Fixed "P.I.G Balloon" being incorrectly classified as a Cart Weapon.
  • Fixed the icons of the "Red Walker" set.
  • Fixed the descriptions of the "Normal Attack" and "Levitation" Skills.
  • Fixed spacing errors with a few item names.
  • Reduced the experience given from Akram Quest monsters.
  • Re-enabled the Poison punishment for Junon's Union War.
  • Renamed "Gold Mechanical Wing" to "Gold Mechanical Half-Wing".
  • Significantly increased drop rate for Sacrificed One and Delusion Antares monsters.

Pet Skins & Accessories

We're aware that some players have Pet Skins and Accessories with no expire timer. All Pet Accessories, and most Pet Skins except around 10, are meant to have timers. This is a bug we're looking into, but for now, we will be making it so that you automatically lose your Pet Skin or Accessory if the timer has been removed from it when you log in (this is not enabled yet!). If any player is aware as to how to remove the timer intentionally (we saw one clan who almost all had no timers), contact me on Discord and you'll be rewarded as part of our Bug Bounty program.

Server Move

We'll be performing a server move sometime within the next week. As has always been the case with server moves, we will endeavour to minimise the amount of downtime for players. We've got a good history in server moves, typically only taking 15 - 30 minutes. We'll post more when we're ready.