Patch Notes:

  • Added Birthday Event:
    • The event features a new quest, themed login screen and decorations around the City of Junon Polis.
  • Added Birthday Chest:
    • This chest contains 5 new party themed outfits.
    • It is rewarded from the "Arua's Birthday" quest or purchased from the Item Mall.
  • Added "Dark Steel" and "Legend Mythril" crossbows to the droptable.
  • Increased the drop rate for Growth Gemstone.
  • Fixed the debuff messages being incorrect sometimes for Skills that can apply 2 status effects.
  • Fixed a client crash relating to Pets.
  • Fixed the "Rabbit Accessories" achievement not unlocking properly.
  • Fixed the "Astarot King" achievement not unlocking at the Clan Beach.
  • Fixed an issue caused by clicking non-targetable objects.
  • Fixed a bug with Seasonal Event login screens where certain monsters could duplicate.